While we do our best to offer a variety of classes on a regular basis, some may be only available during on or off peak season.

Looking for something in particular? Reach out!

Restorative Yoga

The use of blankets and bolsters allows the body to deeply open and relax. Postures are held for longer periods of time, but this Yin style of yoga allows the body to surrender to the stretch. Appropriate for all levels, including those new to yoga. 

Yoga Fit - Yoga Flow

An energizing and vitalizing practice aimed at getting a whole body stretch while continuing to move with mindfulness. Gentle strengthening and endurance combines with some twists and inversions to get the blood pumping and the body detoxifying for a bright, positive outlook. Appropriate for all levels, including those new to yoga. 

Senior’s Chair Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga from the safety of your chair.

Open and relax the body without worrying about mobility or getting stuck on the floor.

Appropriate for all levels, including those new to yoga. 


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Appropriate for all trimesters.

Connect with your changing body, growing baby, and your breath, to get ready for the arrival of your little one.

Empowering, opening, strengthening, soothing, restorative. Female aspect of healing.

Kid's Animal Yoga (Ages 4-11)

An introduction to Hatha Yoga, aimed at engaging children by using animal-related postures. A fun way to begin understanding the mind-body connection.

Youth Yoga (Ages 12-17)

Hatha Yoga designed to engage the teenage spirit.

A wonderful way to begin to understand the mind-body connection and help balance moods.


Ole’ Farmer’s Yoga (Yoga for Men)

For the less-flexible, this class helps those who are physically active but need a little help maintaining suppleness in the muscles. Special focus on the legs and lower back.

Martial Arts

Learn traditonal Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Russian Systema. Learn power, control, balance. Adult and children's classes.